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Our Fees

Our fees are calculated in one of two ways: "fixed rate" or "hourly". 

A "fixed rate" fee is determined in advance of beginning work and does not change based upon the amount of time spent on your case.

"Hourly" fees are calculated based upon the amount of hours of work performed by one or more of our attorneys on your behalf. 

More details regarding our fixed rate and hourly fees can be found below. 


Base Rates for Uncontested Matters

Foreclosure - $2,000.00 (excluding costs)

Quiet Title - $2,500.00 (including costs)

Basic Title Opinion - $300.00

Basic Probate - $2,500.00 (including costs)

Will - $350.00

Intermediate Estate Plan - $600.00

Trust - $1,500.00

Divorce - $2,000.00 (including costs)

Guardianship - $2,500.00 (including costs)

Name Change - $350.00 (excluding costs)

The foregoing base rates apply to basic and uncontested matters. Depending upon the complexity of your particular matter, the foregoing rates are subject to change. 

All Other Legal Representation - Hourly Rates

All other charges for legal representation are calculated on a per hour basis. Our hourly rates range from $225 - $285 per hour. Additionally, the client is responsible for court costs and other expenses incurred on the client's behalf.  Prior to beginning work, we may request a retainer as an advance against fees to be incurred. Retainers range between $1,000.00 - $5,000.00 depending upon the complexity of your particular legal issue. 

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